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BMW Car Service Reair Center In Bangalore

We are The Most Successfull in Car Repair Service and We Recover More Than 2000+ vehicle.

  • Periodical Maintenance Service
  • Quick General checkup
  • Comfort Check - HVAC Opertion
  • Vehicle Dynamic Check & Evaluation
  • Interior Treatment
  • Break down Assistance

Care Tips from Fix My Kars, BMW Car Service Center Bangalore to Keep your Car on the Road

Keeping a vehicle running and lasting a long time isn’t an easy thing ever. What we see in the nonsense box (T.V.) to keep our vehicle running forever and looking brand new for ages is nothing but simply pouringmagic liquids into the engine. But unfortunately this is a myth!

Lets clear this myth, we will provide you some of the maintenance tips to keep your vehicle going forever. Anyone who has spent tons of moneygetting their car repaired at luxury car service center like Audi, BMW, Volvo, Benz Service Center Bangalore will tell you, why you shouldn’t ignore preventive maintenance of your vehicle. These preventive measures will not only just keep your car healthy but also save your vehicle from serious problems in the future.

Pay Attention to the Manual:

You need not lookout for maintenance schedule; the manual provided by your vehicle owner has it all. The manual will suggest you- details about your vehicle’s belts, filters, when to change the oil and much more. The manual will also tell you whether you’re using the right gas or oil for your vehicle.

Never Miss the Scheduled Service:

Your owner’s manual will tell you when your scheduled maintenance services at Audi, BMW, Volvo, Benz Service Center Bangalore. The maintenance services usually includes- checking and replacing parts like oils, belts, wires and plugs. Though this might incur you some costs but such regular services will keep your car healthy and in turn inflate the selling price of your car when you opt for selling them to a vendor.

Change the Oil:

One of the most important maintenance tip suggested by BMW repair & Service Center Bangaloreto keep your vehicle running for a long time is to change the oil. Regularly check whether your engine needs oil. Though the common saying goes’ change your oil every 3,000 miles' but if you are owning better products then you can change it every 5000 miles.

Tip: Don’t change your vehicle’s oil when the engine is hot.

Check the Coolant Level:

Another thing, without which your engine becomes void, is the coolant. Look for the place where your coolant reservoir resides in your vehicle’s manual. Check the level of your coolant when your engine cools down. If you haven’t learnt the way to change the coolant, you can get the services of BMW repair & Service Center.

(Price shown is only labour charges and all applicable taxes. Parts and consumables will be charged at actuals)*

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