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Car Fuels for Fiat Car Service Center in Bangalore

Gone are the days, when every car owner were left with just two options- standard petrol for smaller/lighter vehicles and diesel for heavier/larger vehicles used for longer distance travels. With the lack of natural resources for fuel available in the global world, several researchers, government and automotive industry have been continuously investigating new most sustainable and environment friendly fuel.

In this blog we will be discussing different types of eco-friendly car fuels available around the world.

Premium unleaded petrol

The premium petrol is the standard petrol sold all over the world. This fuel with an octane rating of 95 is suitable for all petrol engine vehicles and can be used if your vehicle’s manual specifies you can use this fuel.

Super unleaded petrol

Several fiat Service Center Bangalore that several unleaded petrol contain Octane Number of 91 to 92. This is the most common and recommended fuel for vehicles across the globe. The fuel was invented in 1986 to remove lead from the standard version of petrol, which can be harmful for environment and general public.


Derived from the distillation of crude oil, the diesel powered vehicle’s are efficient than petrol variants. This makes the diesel vehicles costlier than the petrol cars. The only problem people in foreign countries where the climate is very cold encounter is that diesel engines have starting trouble when the environment is quite cold.

LPG Autogas

A new liquefied gas fuel was developed as an alternative to petroleum. To make your vehicle applicable for LPG gas, you should convert your engine by including an additional fuel tank. Since this installation is quite costlier, you might find best, cost-efficient plans at fiat repair & Service Center.


In some stations you will find BD5 or BD20 labels indicating they offer biodiesel blends, which is made using vegetable oil. Since biodiesel contains methanol, which in long-run can damage your vehicle’s components, so thus only few brands are limited to BD5.

Still perplexed about choosing the right fuel for your vehicle? Reach our expert car technicians today either through our website call us at 098440 39037.

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