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Ways to Avoid Distracted Driving from Mitsubishi car Service Center in Bangalore

As the count of road fatalities is growing drastically, the importance of safe car driving is gaining great momentum among the car owners. Though the tech companies are coming up with new schemes like airbags and sophisticated crash structures to enhance passenger protection, its parallelly important to stay away from the all the distractions to a great extent to protect our lives.

The Road to Destruction is Paved with Distraction:

Turn off your phone:

The big culprit is our mobile technology. People who have texted you can wait, so keep your mobile phones off or screen around or best keep it out of your mind and sight. To avoid a crash, also make sure you’re not using hands-free devices to stay in conversation with your friends. Though generally people think this is the only way that keeps them stay distracted, there are actually even more, which will be discussed below.

Pull off the Road:

If you are travelling alone and feel tired and drowsy, the best thing to do is to keep off your car. Drowsiness is known to increase accidents up to 4 times. If you are tired, it might be difficult for you to keep your eyes on the road and steering as well. So void the mishap of driving alone when you are not stable.

Avoid Hogging:

Never save time by finishing your meals on the road. It is one of the major cause of car distraction, because while eating one may not be able to pay attention to other drivers on the road. Your car isn’t the right place to do multi-tasking.

Not the Right Time for Grooming:

We all would love to look best no matter where we go. So what we generally do is conduct grooming activities inside the car while driving, such as using an electric shaver or putting on makeup. But this can be dangerous and life-threatening, so make sure you complete all your routines before stepping inside your four-wheeler.

Monitoring your Passengers:

Monitoring two things can be very distracting in your car- firstly attending your children and other passengers in the backseat and secondly looking after your pets in your lap. Mitsubishi repair & Service Center Bangalore highly suggests teens to stay away from the above two distractions while driving the car.

Music System:

Lastly the Mitsubishi Service Center Bangalore does not suggest drivers to play radio at a high volume or wearing headphones while driving the car, it can easily steal your focus on the road. Loud music can reduce the chances of hearing emergency noises on the road and horns of other drivers.

The best thing to do as recommended by Mitsubishi repair & Service Center is to -Keep your eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel.

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